Lake Glenville, NC

Lake Glenville, NC

Just 7 minutes north of Cashiers NC , great for outdoor recreation with several boat access ramps, lakeside parks and marinas.

Lake Glenville, situated just eight miles from Cashiers, North Carolina, boasts a dam and public beach. Its origins trace back to Hurricane Creek, merely two miles away. In 1941, the west fork of the Tuckasegee River was dammed, giving rise to this reservoir. Originally named "Thorpe Reservoir" between 1951 and 2002 in honor of J. E. S. Thorpe, the inaugural president of Nantahala Power, it retains this title on numerous maps. Notably, the lake bed mirrors the surrounding mountains' steep slopes, with depths reaching 80 feet or more just a stone's throw from the shoreline.

The town of Glenville is a small 'wide place in the road' and really home to businesses supporting activities on the lake.

Vacation Rentals on Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville stands out as a highly sought-after destination for summer vacations, offering numerous waterfront rentals complete with options for paddle board and boat rentals. Its convenient location near Cashiers, Highlands, and Sapphire Valley provides easy access to a plethora of shopping, dining, and family-friendly activities. For those seeking a vacation rental in or around Lake Glenville, explore our tailored selection on High South Rentals – [Lake Glenville Rentals].

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