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Spring in The High South!

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Lake Glenville Dam / West Fork Tuckasegee River Bypass Releases Announced!! [View the Dates Here!]

More News: The Blue Ridge Snorkel Trail

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Area Events Calendar

There is always something special going on in The High South - check out our combined area calendar [Events Calendar] Be sure to check out each town's web page where we list the top 3 upcoming events!

blue ridge mountains cabin rentals

Where to Eat and Drink

The High South offers some of the best dining and evening entertainment anywhere - check out our list [Where to Eat and Drink]

blue ridge mountains cabin rentals

Vacation Rentals

We constantly search out vacation rentals in The High South and the Blue Ridge Mountains - learn more -  
[High South Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals]

blue ridge smoky mountain waterfalls


The mountainous topology of the Blue Ridge / Smoky Mountains along with some of the highest rainfall in the United States creates some of the most picturesque and thunderous waterfalls found anywhere.

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Public Golf

Blue Ridge Mountain Golf can provide a one of a kind experience and give you mountain views no one else can see (except other golfers... )!

Great Smoky Mountains
National Park

 - Parking Fee Explained!

If you plan a short trip over to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you need to know about the new parking passes!

History of the phrase 'High South': In the mid-1960’s as resorts such as Sapphire Valley, Hound’s Ear, Wolf Laurel and others began to expand adding southern snow skiing, Atlanta, Columbia, Augusta and the rest of the foothills and the Piedmont areas began to take notice. Sapphire Valley, NC – our home community - is only 3 hours from many southern cites and families began to visit year-round and enjoy the mountains in the winter as well. The term High South was coined in the 1960s to refer to this southern Appalachian / Smoky Mountains region.

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