Blue Ridge, GA

Similar to many quaint towns in North Georgia, Blue Ridge was carefully planned and established in 1886 to accommodate the expanding Marietta and North Georgia Railroad, which facilitated the transportation of lumber from the region back to Atlanta. Presently, the town's allure lies in its picturesque mountains, captivating waterfalls, the serene Blue Ridge Lake, abundant fishing spots, invigorating hiking trails, and even the opportunity to embark on a nostalgic ride along the old railroad tracks. All these factors contribute to making Blue Ridge a remarkable destination for families seeking a memorable experience.ntro with background color, paddings and a video on the right. Mobirise helps you cut down development time by providing you with a flexible website editor with a drag and drop interface.

One of the notable advantages of Blue Ridge, GA is its agreeable climate, with an average high temperature in August peaking at a comfortable 87 degrees. This makes it an appealing choice for both vacationers and year-round residents. Moreover, the year-round average temperature of 70 degrees further enhances the town's allure.

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Blue Ridge Ga

Things to do in
Blue Ridge, Georgia

From riding the rails, boating and the arts scene, discover the Top Three Things to do in Blue Ridge Georgia.
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Blue Ridge Ga

Where to eat in
Blue Ridge, Georgia

Combining personal experiences and TripAdvisor ratings we are confident on recommending these top dining experiences!
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Blue Ridge Ga Cabin Rentals

Where to stay in
Blue Ridge Georgia

Check out these great vacation rentals in and around Blue Ridge, Georgia!

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Top Three (well - we added a 4th)  Things to Do in Blue Ridge Georgia

Blue Ridge Ga RR

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Blue Ridge Georgia is fortunate to be home of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad! Starting in 1998, the railroad follows the former Marietta and North Georgia Railroad line along the Toccoa River north to McCaysville, Georgia, and its Twin city of Copperhill, Tennessee
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Blue Ridge Georgia

Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge encompasses 3,300-acre of water, and a "full summer pool" elevation of 1,686 feet. It is managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and is primarily fed by the Toccoa River.

The area around Lake Blue Ridge provides a full service marina, boat ramps, public swimming, campsites, and picnicking.

Check out these resources:
[Lake Blue Ridge Map/Guide]
from the Fannin County Chamber

[Lake Blue Ridge Marina].

Blue Ridge Ga Waterfalls

Waterfalls / Rafting

Blue Ridge Georgia sites in a great place relative to the southern Blue Ridge Mountains providing many waterfalls that are easily accessible!

The area waterfall and rivers include Ocoee River Rapids which is home to the 1996 Olympic whitewater
events - The Ocoee Whitewater Center.

Consisting of a four-acre recreation area, the Ocoee Whitewater Center offers water play, picnicking, hiking, biking, and environmental education programs. The 7,200 sq. ft. visitors center is home to special events, a nature-oriented gift shop, cafe, and provides the playground for whitewater rafting and kayaking. (source: US Forest Service)

Check out these resources:
[Waterfall Map]
by the Fannin County Chamber

[Lake Blue Ridge Dam Recreation Area]

[Morganton Point Campground and Recreation Area]

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is a heritage railroad in northern Georgia.

Based in Blue Ridge, Georgia it follows the former Marietta and North Georgia Railroad line along the Toccoa River north to McCaysville, Georgia, and its Twin city of Copperhill, Tennessee. It is a subsidiary of the Georgia Northeastern Railroad, which also operates freight service on the same line. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway started operations in 1998.

Trains generally run Fridays to Mondays from late March to the last weekend in December, daily (except Wednesdays) during spring break (first full week of April), and summer (mid-June to the end of July), and from October until Thanksgiving. A special Christmas train runs Thanksgiving weekend, the weekends following, and the full week prior to Christmas itself. Normal trips resume for the final week of the year. Visit their website: [Blue Ridge Scenic Railway]

Blue Ridge Ga Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad

Fightingtown Creek Nature Park

The 4th top experience for hikers and mountain bikers!

Discover the captivating Fightingtown Creek Nature Park, a recently opened mountain biking and hiking haven. Explore our detailed review and browse through stunning images of the park's scenic trails and natural beauty. Plan your visit today by clicking [here]! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conveniently located a mere 5 miles from downtown Blue Ridge, this nature park offers easy access for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility.

Top Dining Experiences in Blue Ridge, Ga

Blue Ridge Ga Dining

Blue Ridge Georgia dining options!

Here are the top five restaurants in Blue Ridge Georgia according to TripAdvisor!

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The Top 5 Restaurants in Blue Ridge, Ga!

Blairsville GA Restaurants
Nani's Restaurant
51D Earnest St, Blairsville, GA 706-745-0010
Dan's Grill
305J Murphy Hwy, Blairsville, GA 706-745-0013

Saw Mill Place
1150 Pat Haralson Memorial Dr, Blairsville,

Michaelee's Italian Life Caffe
6C Town Square, Blairsville, GA 706-400-5603

Sat Only
Hole In The Wall
12B Town Sq, Blairsville, GA 30512-3565
Closed Wednesday

GPB's Hometown Georgia was filmed in and around Blue Ridge and Fannin County, Georgia

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge, Georgia
This segment of GPB's Hometown Georgia was filmed in and around Blue Ridge and Fannin County, Georgia. Businesses featured in this segment include Out of the Blue, Grumpy Ole Men Brewery, Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hell's Hollow, Mercier Orchards, Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, Toccoa Valley Campground Tubing, Oyster Bamboo Rods and trapeze trainer Kristy Petrillo. Also featured is footage from Pickin' in the Park, which takes place every Thursday afternoon at Horseshoe Bend Park in McCaysville. 

Blue Ridge Ga

Fall in love with Georgia's Blue Ridge, where city sophistication meets small town charm. Blue Ridge is filled with upscale restaurants, stylish shops and galleries, orchards, farm wineries, riding stables, beautiful mountains and friendly people.
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Blue Ridge Georgia Weather

The Blue Coyote Bar and Grill

Blue Ridge, Georgia

We found the Blue Coyote Bar and Grill by looking for a great local bar and eatery - and this is one! The bar tender and wait staff include a mother and two daughters serving up great drinks and very tasty American bar food. Karaoke and trivia nights will make your day complete!

The pet friendly outdoor patio had a variety of guest and equal variety of dogs!

Inside we found Dale Allen, a local artist, painting a beautiful mural all along the back wall and had to have a picture of it shown here. Bottom Line: The Blue Coyote is worth a trip to the bar! (And the men's room - check out the beer keg urinal below!!!)

Fightingtown Creek Nature Park

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