The Bourbon Street Grille

Bourbon Street Grille

The Bourbon Street Grille is one of our favorite dining locations in Dahlonega, Georgia. Located directly on the square in the Historic Hall House and let me tell you  - - this building has a ton of charm!

Great Location -
Great Food

The food is some of the best in Dahlonega. Offering their specials and favorites like Jambalaya or Gumbo to the best burgers anywhere, they can satisfy any demanding taste.

During their weekend brunch you will find Crab Cakes Benedict! If you are around on a weekend, just go! 

Bourbon Street Grille

Service the Bourbon Street Grille

We arrived mid-week mid-December during Dahlonega's Christmas Lights period and the whole town was quite busy.

The staff at BSG is very friendly! We put our requests in for the outside upper deck and proceeded to a local wine tasting bar about 30 yards away. By the time we had our samples we got the call our table was ready!

All in all, very friendly staff and very attentive even in during the Holidays! 

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