Counting down to the Day of Totality

Sapphire Valley Resort and The High South is one of the few areas in North Carolina where visitors and residents can experience this extremely rare event* - a total solar eclipse! Sapphire Valley is in the direct path of totality, as it is known, and very close to the center line, or area of longest duration!

On August 21, 2017, our Day of Totality will start just after 1PM when the moon will start blocking the sun and shadow cast by it will move over Sapphire Valley Resort! Everyone on the Resort will be able to experience this amazing event including over 2 minutes of complete darkness.

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Final Tips for The High South's Day of Totality

If you will join us in The High South for the Eclipse,
here are some last minute tips:
* Be prepared for large crowds - patience is key
*Arrive early at you distination
*Pack plenty of bottled water and snacks
*Be sure to have your approved viewing glasses (still need some, Amazon has some here [Eclipse Viewing Glasses]
*Enjoy the many events all over the area - we will have a final list by August 18

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Featured Video! The TAMS return to Sapphire Valley's Concert on the Slopes! August 17 at 7PM

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Day of Totality - Are You Ready?

Be sure to attend the once in a lifetime event!
The total eclipse of the Sun will pass over Sapphire Valley on August 21, 2017

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